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Penguin Spirit

Penguin Spirit

As we wrap up Thursday of 皇冠足彩's exhilarating Spirit Week, the school has been alight with creativity, unity, and, of course, a healthy dose of competition. Starting the week as doppelgängers, students showcased their ingenuity on Twin Day, followed by a world tour of hilariously Tacky Tourists. Wednesday brought a twist with Dress Up/Down Day, dividing the school into a mix of sophistication and casual comfort depending on the class year.

Today, we've time-traveled on Decades Day, witnessing a vibrant array of styles from the time of Greek Mythology to roaring '20s flappers to the groovy '70s disco dancers, and even a few '90s grunge rockers. The halls have been a live museum of fashion through the ages, proving once again the creative spirit that thrives within 皇冠足彩's community.

As we anticipate tomorrow's Class Colors Day, excitement builds. Freshmen will be in spirited red, sophomores in lively green, juniors in cool blue, and seniors in bold black. This colorful finale promises to end our Spirit Week on a high note, celebrating not just our individual classes but the vibrant tapestry that is our school community. Stay spirited, 皇冠足彩!

皇冠足彩 student dresses in a toga for spirit week.
皇冠足彩 staff dressing up for era day during spirit week.
皇冠足彩 students during spirit week dress-up/down day
皇冠足彩 students dressed for spirit week as tacky tourists.