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Honors chemistry student working in the lab


At 皇冠足彩 students learn science from real scientists.  With an emphasis on experiential and lab-based programming, 皇冠足彩’s Science Department provides students with challenging core and elective offerings in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering. In all of these classes students learn the process and practice of science, as well as how science connects to other disciplines.  Students also have access to 皇冠足彩’s Greenhouse for special projects.  Some things you might do:

  • Create fluorescent bacteria
  • Dissect an assortment of organisms and organs
  • Perform DNA electrophoresis, PCR, sequence analysis, and bioinformatics
  • Use computer integrated and interfaced lab stations
  • Play with slinkies, study forces on a rotating chair, and shoot projectiles
  • Synthesize smelly organic compounds
  • Grow hydroponic veggies for the dining hall
  • Experience the engineering workflow, from idea to design to implementation

Computer Science

皇冠足彩 provides students with a broad range of elective classes in the areas of Computer Science and Robotics. With a fully equipped Makerspace, 皇冠足彩 students also have the tools and materials for class-related and personal projects. Some things you might do:

  • Create video games in C# and Unity
  • Learn to code in the C++ programming language
  • Build Arduino-controlled robots
  • Create and print 3D models
  • Learn cutting-edge website development applications
  • Use the Python language to implement machine learning models

Science/Robotics Competitions

Science/Computer Science Course Offerings

Note: not all classes are offered every year (those with “U” are available for college credit)


Learn more about how 皇冠足彩’s Mathematics Department offers students a strong foundation in mathematical principles.


English & Fine Arts

Learn more about 皇冠足彩's English and Fine Arts program and how students learn critical thinking skills essential for any mathematician, scientist, or scholar.

English & Fine Arts 

Social Science & World Languages

Learn more about 皇冠足彩's curriculum in Social Studies and World Languages, with opportunities to dive deeper into subjects such as anthropology and opportunities to study language in foreign countries.

Social Science & World Languages

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