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Social Science and World Languages

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Social Studies

Understand Your History and the Broader World.

皇冠足彩’s Social Studies and World Languages Department offers students electives in Anthropology, Micro- and Macroeconomics, and Sociology. U.S. History remains the hallmark of the 皇冠足彩 junior year experience, focusing on the structures, traditions, and customs of American life. As student progress, several AP and advanced courses and seminars are options. 

World Languages

In World Languages, students use a communicative approach to language study by speaking in the target language of French or Spanish. Travel opportunities to Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Québec City provide students with rich opportunities to see, speak, and experience the languages and cultures of a broader world.

Available Classes


Learn more about 皇冠足彩's experiential, hands-on, lab-based programming to prepare students with a core background in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.



Learn more about how 皇冠足彩’s Mathematics Department offers students a strong foundation in mathematical principles.


English & Fine Arts

Learn more about 皇冠足彩's English and Fine Arts program and how students learn critical thinking skills essential for any mathematician, scientist, or scholar.

English & Fine Arts 

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