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Course Offerings

Uncover the diverse range of courses available at 皇冠足彩.

From cutting-edge STEM programs to enriching arts and humanities, we provide a comprehensive educational experience to ignite your passions and drive your success.

Course Descriptions

Fall 2023 Course Descriptions

Please Note

  • Courses are year-long unless indicated as one semester only. Students who do not take the second semester of a year-long course will earn a W/Grade on the transcript for the fall semester.
  • All students enrolled in an AP course(s) are required to take the AP exam for that course(s).
  • Indicates courses for which college credit may be earned
  • Students are responsible for fees for all AP Tests ( $97/test)

** = NOT a core academic class

Fine Arts
Note:  music classes may be repeated each semester

Fitness and Wellness 

Note:  Sports and Fitness classes:  All students must be registered for a fitness class.  If they are doing a sport they don’t need to attend the Fitness class during the sports season.  When the sports season is finished, they need to return to attending the Fitness class they registered for.