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Dual Enrollment

Imagine if the courses you take at high school were also able to offer you college credit? At 皇冠足彩, that’s possible!

Along with several Advanced Placement courses, 皇冠足彩 also offers several courses that “go beyond” traditional secondary school academics. Many 皇冠足彩 classes qualify for college credit through a unique partnership with the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

Dave Dougan demonstrating a chemistry lab.

I benefited immensely from the connection between UMaine and 皇冠足彩. Getting my Associates Degree through the University of Maine at Presque Isle while attending 皇冠足彩 has opened up so many opportunities to me, including being able to start an undergrad research position contracted by NASA as a sophomore – far sooner than typical.” -Madi McCarthy ‘19

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Academic Offerings

Learn more about the state and nationally-ranked academic program at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.


January Term

Learn more about this break from the academic calendar that allows students to focus on a subject, course, project, or off-campus internship each January.

January Term

College Counseling

Learn more about how the 皇冠足彩 college counseling department assists students both Junior and Senior year as they prepare for life after 皇冠足彩

College Counseling

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